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Chairman Message

We are proud of our history and achievements

AL-BASRAH Company for General Contracting was established in 1985 and over the past decades it has taken a lot of bold steps resulting in a quantum leap from a small engineering contracting company to a large-scale company specialized in many services, which were executed by diverse expertise technical and managerial staff to implement multiple projects for various sectors included the residential, housing, health, education, oil and gas as well as dredging and marine works keeping abreast with developments in the field of contracting and construction engineering.

Modern thinking, creativity, and innovation are the bedrocks that the company was built on. As it serves as a common denominator that enables us to consistently abide by our promises to our customers, partners, and employees.

The basic principle governing AL-BASRAH’s business is “power through diversity”.

Our mission is to implement projects with high efficiency according to international quality standards and within the specified timelines.

We at AL-BASRAH Co. have a vision for the future strive to achieve according to the capabilities we possess, our vision to be one of the leading companies in the region and an example to be followed among our contracting counterparts.

The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest reward.

God grants success,

Consultant Engineer

Malik Baqer Al-Ibraheemi

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