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Commercial Complexes and Buildings

Construction of the Central Market Building at Al-Nasiriyah


The work includes:

  1. Hammering the concrete piles for the concrete structure with a number of 150 piles and a depth ranging between 15-18 m.
  2. The implementation of the concrete structure which consists of two floors with an area of 1800 m² per each.
  3. The implementation of the finishing works for the walls, paints, secondary ceilings ,installation of doors, windows, aluminum, and others.
  4. Providing all materials and the implementation of systems for air conditioning, which includes the processing of three chillers with a size of (60) tons per each, the electricity network, fire alarm and extinguishing system.
  5. Execution of parking and external gardens.



Start Date: 14/1/1986

Completion date: 26/12/1988

The project amount: $4,911,000,00

Duration: 10 Months

Beneficiary: Ministry of Trade / Central Markets

Construction of the Central Bank Building the replacement branch in Al-Basra


The project consists of a building on an area of 850 m² with four floors with a total height of 21 M in addition to the basement (concrete structure below ground level) as follows:

  • The basement contains fortified rooms for storing money that was equipped and installing their doors. The work also included the work of pumps for mechanical and fire-fighting works, water tanks, garages for private cars and money-supply cars.
  • Ground,first and second floor includes banking services halls, management rooms and an apartment for the bank manager.
  • The fourth floor includes a Musalla and its own facilities ,rooms for elevator machines and other systems.

The building is equipped with (2) elevators, 550 KVA generator, transformers, complete air conditioning system, internet system, early fire alarm, electrical system networks, and surveillance system.

The work also includes electricity works and covering facades in Italian Marble.



Start Date: 20/9/2011

Completion date: 09/01/2014

The project amount: $3,850,000,00

Duration: 36 Months

Beneficiary: Central Bank of Iraq

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