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Health Sector

Euphrates Center for Cancerous Tumors


One of the main strategic projects in Al Najaf Province and the Middle Euphrates. It was executed based on Turn-key job which includes:

  1. Execution of the concrete structure for the building with two floors, the area of each floor is 3000 m². The structure works include the construction of two bunkers for the Linear accelerator devices, the wall, and the ceiling of the bunkers’ thickness are 2.4 m and a height of 7 m. The structure also includes the “CT Scan” room.
  2. The first floor includes Radiotherapy rooms with consulting doctors’ rooms, blood test laboratories, administration rooms, stores, sanitary facilities, and all services.
  3. 3. The first floor includes rooms for the sleep of patients treated with chemotherapy. As well as a lectures room and the other part of this floor is for the special mechanic’s works.
  4. The project includes the processing, operation, and maintenance of a linear Accelerator device and CT scan device for five years with all operational devices and software, in addition, to supply the fortified doors for such works.
  5. The hospital was equipped with three chillers with a capacity of 85 tons for each one for central air conditioning works with all its accessories in addition to a generator of 1 MW.
  6. The work includes the processing and implementation of the internet, telephone systems, fire alarm, fire fighting, and others. it also includes the supply of water tanks for firefighting with a size of 45m³ and its related pumps along with all the finishing works, architectural works for interfaces and parking yards with public gardens as per technical and contract requirements.



Start Date: 16/11/2011

Completion date: 5/8/2014

The project amount: $10,000,000,00

Duration: 34 Months

Area: 10000 m²

The Buildings area: 6000 m²

Client: Al Najaf rebuild commission

Beneficiary: Department of Health in Al Najaf

Al-Andalus Cancer Hospital Project


  • The work includes the implementation of 230 concrete piles in addition to 1.6m thick Raft Foundation.the structure of the building consist of nine floors, the area of each floor is 650m². The ground floor contains two bunkers for two linear accelerators and contains concrete room for cyclotron device. The other floors contain operating rooms and all other hospital services rooms.



Start Date: 11/01/2016

Completion date: 11/01/2017

The project amount: $3,000,000.00

Duration: 12 Months

Beneficiary: Private Sector

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