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Housing Sector

Build-up of 74 Multi-Storey Building In in Salah Ad Din province


The project is located in Salah Ad Din province-Balad District, contains 74 Multi-Storey Building, each building consisting of four floors and each one contains two apartments. A total of 592 apartments with areas of 120 m² and 150 m².

In addition to all annexes such as 2 schools, police station, Masged, a massive commercial complex, Kindergarten, an integrated health center and all the infrastructure for the project such as roads, electrical network, water and sewage network, public parks and parking lots.



Start Date: 05/01/2008

Completion date: 09/10/2013

The project amount: $55,000,000,00

Duration: 45 Months

Client: Ministry of Housing and Construction

Beneficiary: Salah Ad Din Province

Build-up of 6 residential buildings in Al-Basrah and Najaf


The work includes providing materials and implementation of 6 residential buildings,3 buildings in Najaf and 3 of them in Basrah for the employees of the South Oil Company, the building consists of three floors each floor contains 4 apartments with an area of 120 m² per apartment with all services.



Start Date: 1982

Completion date: 1983

The project amount: $650,000,00

Duration: 12 Months

Beneficiary: South Oil Company

Build-up of 512 apartments in Umm Qasser, Al-Basrah


The work includes providing materials and the implementation of a residential complex for 512 houses, where the work included the implementation of the structure in the local bricks with the ground floor only. Each floor contains two bedrooms and facilities and all services. The project also contains an integrated road network and external lighting network and public squares as per technical specifications and contract requirements.



Start Date: 06/07/1976

Completion date: 10/09/1978

The project amount: $1,650,000,00

Duration: 28 Months

Beneficiary: General Company for ports of Iraq

Reopening of the Residence of the Ambassador of France in Baghdad


  1. The project includes removing the garage floors, corridors and sanitary installations, damaged finishing works and external yards, repair of cracked walls, rehabilitation of the electricity network, air conditioning system, repainting the building, and rehabilitation of internal and external sewerage network.
  2. Implementing a complete Internet system, air conditioning system, repainting of internal and external doors, re-tiling the external yards with the Interlock Bricks.



Start Date: 20/11/2018

Completion date: 04/09/2019

The project amount: $295,000,00

Duration: 10 Months

Beneficiary: French Embassy

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