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OH&S Policy

AL BASRAH Company is committed to ensuring compliance with the OH&S Management system and strongly believes that all operational Health & Safety incidents are preventable.

The principles & objectives of the OH&S policy are


To achieve incident-free operations with no injuries and no life-threatening accidents.


To ensure a safe environment and promote best practices in all work and daily activities for the preservation of good health.


To promote the culture where all employees are committed to OH&S policy and contribute to its principles and objectives.


To maintain compliance with International OH&S codes and standards and all applicable Laws.


To set annual Health & Safety performance targets that are reviewed periodically for continual improvement of the OH&S Management System.


To regularly appraise OH&S performance and report findings to management & employees.


To require subcontractors to comply with OH&S procedure set by this policy, and to monitor their performance.


This policy shall be communicated to all employees and shall be availed to all other interested parties.

The OH&S Management System shall be subject to regular audit and monitoring to ensure its continued effectiveness. The OH&S policy shall be reviewed by the top management for sustained suitability.

The management assigns first priority in all operations and activities to the establishment and maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment and considers all employees, subcontractors, visitors and client personnel are precious and that their safety is paramount. Therefore, the Management looks forward to personal commitment and proactive safe attitude of each and every employee in order to achieve a Healthy and Safe Working Environment.

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