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Quality Policy Statement

Al-BASRAH Company is committed to International Quality Standards; it is a natural outgrowth of the integrity that serves as a foundation for our company.

Our passion for superior craftsmanship and our dedication to honest and ethical practices drives each employee to excel at each and every stage of construction.

Our Quality Standards Control Program is a methodical approach that begins in pre-construction with detailed reviews and carries through the post-construction, operational, and maintenance processes to the completion of the project.

Each stage of a project is interconnected, and our systematic projects approach ensures that all work meets the highest standards of excellence.
Consistent monitoring of quality throughout the project process delivers a better end product and delivers it faster.

During the project’s processes and on-site quality Standards, the control manager works in tandem with the project management team to ensure that all work meets both Al-BASRA Company and quality’s industry-specific standards.

During working of a specific scope in a project, inspections are performed to ensure that quality standard’s concerns are corrected early and quickly. Final quality control must be completed by each employee for every definable feature within their scope of work.

For every definable feature on the project, on-site pre-installation conferences led by the quality standards control manager are conducted with the installation experts and include manufacturer’s reps and inspectors to review project specifics, logistics, and schedule.

We are built to achieve International Quality Standards and committed to the highest standards for every client. It’s who we are.

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